How to create a new page and attach it to a menu

Hi Karen,

This walk through will show you how to create a new page and then how to attach that page to a menu on the site so that it shows up on the front of the site in the place you want it too.

First of all you need to select PAGES>ADD NEW from the dashboard left menu.

As you can see the create page layout is exactly the same as the create post layout, handy huh?

The role of pages within a site is somewhere that you can put information that isn’t likely to change that often and if you think of pages as Static that will help you differentiate between a page and post, so Pages are static – Posts are dynamic.

You need to give your page a title just like when creating a post, although this title doesn’t have to be as descriptive as the post titles, so for the one you are creating something like cream tea delivery is ample.

When you have written the content of your page and are happy with it, simply hit the publish button. The thing with pages is you can publish them at any stage of writing/creating them and they won’t be visible to the public until you either link to them or attach them to a menu. Handy for getting pages looking perfect before presenting them to the viewing public.

Now in order to make your new page visible, you need to attach it to a menu.

In order to select the menu screen you need to select APPEARANCE>MENUS from the dashboard left menu.

The screen you see now is the Menu edit screen and from here you can add too or delete from your menus.  Your site consists of 3 separate menus that I created in the building of the site, the only one you will probably ever need to access or alter is the one you are looking at now TOP MENU – this is the menu that runs across the site from left to right just below your banner header picture of the tea set.

If you look down the list of menu items you will see that a menu can consist of many different elements from your dashboard such as pages, posts, links etc. In this example we will deal with pages which is located as the top tab on the left of the menu edit screen, it is normally already open and displaying your latest pages. All you need to do is tick the box next to the page you have created so in this case Cream Tea Delivery and then click ADD TO MENU.

You will see that the page you have just added is now at the bottom of the stack of menu items. In order for you to place the PAGE in the correct spot on the site you need to simply drag the page from the bottom of the menu stack and then drop it in the place you wish it to appear, so in this case you just need to drag and drop the page so that it appears under the PRICING tab in whichever position you desire.

Its important to understand when creating menus, that they work on a hierarchical system, so with the PRICING tab, pricing is the parent element and the other pages below this are child elements. Another way of remembering this is the first item in a menu is the main menu, items placed under this are called sub-menus and these can have sub-sub-menus and so on.