Charcuterie, Canapés & Cheeseboards

Charcuterie, Canapés & Cheese Platters are a perfect addition to any gathering large or small.

Charcuterie Platters serves 4/6 people


A delicious selecttion of cold meats, savouries, cheeses, fruit, olives and crackers.

Canapé Platters


Canapés include delicious homemade savoury mini tartlets (choose veggie or non veggie) / smoked salmon, cream cheese & dill crostinis / tomato, homemade pesto & parmesan puffs / feta, parma ham & olive cocktail sticks. Aprox 45 canapés per platter.

Savoury Canapés

Cheeseboards serves 8/10


A generous section of hard, soft and blue cheeses (6 cheeses) and savoury crackers. Garnished with grapes and cherry tomatoes.

Free local delivery to Stonehouse and central Stroud. Thereafter please see Ordering & Availability for delivery charges .